Soty Solar is the marketplace for solar rooftops. It’s a platform where owners publish their rooftops through an auction mechanism for qualified solar installers by building photovoltaic solar panel systems. In this way, the only thing owners have to do is compare quotes and pick the best one to save on their electric bill. Now, put yourself in solar installers’ shoes: they need to spent a lot of time and effort finding new clients. We have an online platform with a network of rooftops at their disposal.

Perfil de SotySolar en la Comunidad #PorElClima

SotySolar se compromete a reducir con sus acciones la contaminación causante del cambio climático en el Planeta y a formar parte de la Comunidad #PorElClima, iniciativa pionera de personas, empresas, organizaciones y administraciones públicas que se unen con un objetivo común: ser protagonistas de la acción contra el Cambio Climático de acuerdo con las directrices marcadas con el Acuerdo de París.