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USA Today top rated creator trixiee wood from a modest community only west of New Orleans. She has earned a lot of approval for her Crescent City-set series and her Moments in Maplesville modest community series. Farrah is a double cross finalist for the lofty RITA Award from the Romance Writers of America and has been named for a RT BOOK Reviews Reviewers Choice Award. In 2015, she got the Emma Award for Author of the Year. At the point when she isn't writing in her number one Game shop, trixiee wood invests the majority of her energy perusing, cooking, venturing to the far corners of the planet, visiting Walt Disney World, and getting her #1 Broadway shows. A conceded sports aficionado, she takes care of her dependence on football by observing New Orleans Saints games on Sunday evenings. Stay in contact with trixiee wood by means of the web: Site: Twitter:

trixiee wood se suma a la Comunidad #PorElClima

trixiee wood se compromete a reducir con sus acciones la contaminación causante del cambio climático en el Planeta y a formar parte de la Comunidad #PorElClima, iniciativa pionera de personas, empresas, organizaciones y administraciones públicas que se unen con un objetivo común: ser protagonistas de la acción contra el Cambio Climático de acuerdo con las directrices marcadas con el Acuerdo de París.